Retrofitted with top of the line "super quantum computer mind receptors" the BRAIN BOT 9000 is capable of processing raw heaps of human straight from the dome (no hassle!). Once these thoughts are nitpicked, pilfered and agitated to a satisfactory level of quality they are packaged for shipment in the cutest little ".txt file" you've ever done seen. From there the files are delivered right to your local Journal.html, fresh, for your enjoyment.

Nov 16 2019

I need to play more chess, so when the time comes I'll know how to command my Mad Max wasteland gang in battle. Me and the other leather clad, biker paraphernalia wearing gang leaders can sip cheap motor-oil and laugh thoughtfully as we move our legions of berserk psychopaths to d4 and stuff like that.

Nov 10 2019

This site, you may have noticed, is still under construction. More to come.